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Unlock the magic of reading!

Whilst on maternity leave, I created a YouTube channel dedicated to helping children (and parents!) learn phonics at home. I aim to make learning phonics an exciting and accessible experience for all families!

My channel is designed to be a valuable resource that will complement what children learn in class and enhance learning at home.

Miss Phonics teaching the 's' sound

I make 'sound' videos that focus on objects that use the sound, how to write the sound and reading words that use the sound. These videos include digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs. I also make blending videos that encourage children to blend sounds together in order to help improve their reading ability.

Having worked with many families over the years, I found that a lot of parents were not taught phonics at school and often struggled with supporting their children with their work. To help these families, I have made 'Phonics for Parents' videos to help parents gain a better understanding of phonics and phonics phrases.



I have organised the sounds into groups. To find out which group a sound belongs to, look at the sound mats below. Once you have found the sound you are looking for, click on its group to access videos and free resources. I have more sounds and resources coming soon!


I also make playlists to compliment various phonics schemes - if you have a child at school who needs support with their phonics, drop me a message and I can point you in the right direction for resources to support them that will align with their school's phonics scheme. 

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